How to play roulette at home online and tips how to find the path to winning ways

Roulette Tips

How to play roulette overview

Roulette is certainly one of the most successful casino games of all times. It is very simple, easy to learn as well as its high frequency keeps the pace at the level, which encourages plenty of excitement. The most crucial thing is to learn how to play roulette by numbers because the rewards are much greater. Despite this fact of playing online roulette, there are so many other simple options that allow to use very basic and advanced strategies based on probability theories. It is all about taking chances and be up against problems. The best will have to be made appropriately to get the following rewards:

  • Straight up, which is refereed to any single number including 0 – payout 35:1
  • Split, which is defined as bet on any two horizontal or vertical numbers – payout 17:1
  • Basket, which is defined as 0,1, 2 or 0, 2, 3 – payout 11:1
  • Street, which is referred any three horizontal numbers – payout 11:1
  • Corner, which is referred to any four adjoining numbers – payout 8:1
  • 1st, 2nd, 3d columns – payouts 2:1
  • 1st dozen 1-12, 2d dozen 13-24, 3d dozen 25-36 –payouts 2:1
  • Odds, which are defined as any uncountable number – payouts 1:1
  • Even, which are referred to any countable number – payouts 1:1
  • Red or black – payout 1:1
  • 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 – payout 1:1

When learning how to play roulette in any place and at home always pay attention to the type of roulette a player deals with. European, French and American roulettes have different house edge percentage and slightly different wheels and a table layout.

Tips how to win roulette

It is vital to approach things in the right way and choose a viable strategy. Before it is done, every person should be aware that certain amount of money has to be chosen, which a player is going to play with. Afterwards, wagers have to be made according to rough estimate that each wager will be equal to approximately 2% of the whole amount. It will provide complete peace of mind and the process of learning how to play roulette at casino will be more enjoyable. The following strategies may be used afterwards:

  • Fibonacci is the theory that each number is greater by x2 than the previous one, e.g. 2, 4, 8, 16 etc. A bet is made and if loss takes place the next bet has to be greater in accordance with Fibonacci principle.
  • Negative progression or Martingale strategy is when a player wins, the next bet is made has equal amount as the previous. If loss occurs, the next bet is doubled to cover the loss and hit win.
  • When staying online and learning how to play roulette, positive progression or Paroli is the opposite of Martingale. Player doubles on wins and makes the same bet in case of a loss.
  • Labouchere is the approach when a player simply waits for the sequence of number to appear in a row. Afterwards, Martingale principles are implemented. It simply provides greater edge to the player.

Remember that American, European and French roulettes are different in terms of layouts of wheels and tables but these are very minor differences. The most important thing is that house edge is different, so strong attention have to be paid to this fact.

How to play roulette at home

Playing roulette at home could not be easier than before. Nowadays, there are lots of online casinos that offer different options and flexible conditions for every individual. People can choose the right online resource that will fulfill his requirements and tick every box in terms of offered security, rewards in terms of free cons and bonuses, looks of the interface, variety of different roulette types including live roulette. Once it is done a person may commence his gambling activities for free or for real money. Then a player will gradually learn how to play roulette on the basis of tips provided .

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